Family run Guest House

Owned and run by Donald for over 20 years Loch Roag has many local staff and family to help run a friendly and welcoming home from home. Over the years we have welcomed many lovely people and look forward to many more.

Our Story

Welcome to Luxury Vacation Rentals. The perfect place to stay for a relaxing getaway nestled in the heart of the  countryside. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy our beautiful natural setting. You’ll find a myriad of outdoor adventure pursuits on the doorstep and historic towns and villages to explore. You set the pace! Our 4 bedrooms accommodation is clean, pleasantly furnished and fully equipped with all the welcoming comforts of a home-away from-home.

Enjoy the privacy of our entire home with family and friends, and with the reassurance that we are on hand if you need us.


Our Vision

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Our Team

Meet our team

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Grace Hall
Agent Supervisor
James Rodriguez
Sales Leader
Natalia Olson
Agent Manager