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The beaches of Lewis and Harris are reason alone to visit. As with the rest of the Hebrides they are numerous around the island. What makes them special is not just the aesthetic beauty ( which is enough in itself ) but also the individuality that each beach has. Some are huge open expanses that take hours to explore while others are hemmed in by cliffs that funnel the Atlantic ocean onto the beach.

Exposed Beaches

Dalmore Beach: This beach is only 10min drive from Loch Roag, and a personal favourite. The power of the ocean is evident everywhere from the rugged cliffs and stacks at either end of the beach, to the constantly changing size and shape of the sands. The sound is the first thing you notice on your way down to the shore. On even a calm day the funnel effect of the cliffs form waves that crash with an unmistakable thunder.

Sheltered Beaches

Bostadh Beach: Another breathtaking beach. The setting is perfect, down from a hill that secludes it from the rest of the landscape so it appears as if by magic. Dotted around the bay are various sized islands which break up the oceans advance so that the water just laps the shoreline. The sand is therefore of a finer consistency than other more exposed beaches. Walking is a pleasurable experience as the sand is so soft that it just gently caresses the passing foot. As an added bonus there was an iron age village recently discovered perfectly preserved underneath sand dunes of the beach. There is a replica house to visit as well as the village itself. For more information please see the attractions page.

Large Beaches

Traigh Uige: This is just an absolutely massive beach, especially when the tide is out. It fills a huge bay in Uig which is surrounded by mountains and gentle sloping machair, a much photographed scene that many a postcard has used. Exploring this beach is a pleasure that could easily take up a day. Have a picnic at the ready and head off following the coastline or straight across the expanse.

Small hidden Beaches

Uig: One of many small secluded beaches just waiting to be discovered. Most are not identified on maps which cover the whole island due to their lack of detail. Therefore , if you take the time to find one you are most probably going to have it all to yourself. There is a certain sense of privilege lying on your own little beach!

Large secluded Beaches

Traigh Mheilein: Some of the most spectacular beaches are situated quite far off the beaten track. One in particular, Traigh Mheilein in Harris is a favourite.


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Loch RoagTestimonials

We stayed for 1 night at Loch Roag guest house last week. We normally stay in Hotels so were slightly apprehensive but this was a fabulous stay. The room was large, cosy and had every amenity needed. Beautiful view to Loch Roag at breakfast and the owners were cheery, friendly people and more than happy to share their enthusiasm for this beautiful island. Hope to return next year!

Neilie , Tripadvisor

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